• Join a union without barriers or fear.

  • When you go to work, you should come home healthy and safe.

  • Workers need opportunities to complete their skilled trades training.

  • All jobs should be good jobs.

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It's time to level the playing field for workers.

For 16 years of a BC Liberal government, workers were under attack. Their rights and protections were rolled back. BC has a new government and a chance to level the playing field for working people.  

It's time for improvements in four major policy areas:

1) Making it easier for workers to join a union,

2) Improving employment standards so that all jobs are good jobs,

3) Making our workplaces safer and improving workers compensation for those who are injured, made ill, or killed on the job; and 

4) Providing better access to apprenticeships and training to address skill shortages. 

Together, we can make a difference for working people in our province. I look forward working with you on these important initiatives.


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